General Rules and Regulations

  • Eligibility
    Mares: Registered Appaloosa, Quarter, Thoroughbred, and Arabian Mares
    Foals: Must be registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club

    By nominating your mare by December 31 of the Breeding year, it allows your Appaloosa foal to be eligible for added monies in the following classes at Future World Shows:
    - Yearling Longe Line
    - ApPHA 2 Year Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure Futurity
    - ApPHA 3 & Under Hunter Under Saddle Maturity

Nomination Fees and Due Dates

  • December 31 of Breeding year - $25.00
    December 31 of Weanling year - $50.00
    December 31 of Yearling year - $100.00

    Grace periods on all nominations until March 31 of the following year. Nominations fees must be postmarked no later than March 31.

    No late fees accepted. No exceptions.

    You must sustain on time or you are out.


  • This program will not have a separate futurity for the Yearling Longe Line class, the 3 & Under Hunter Under Saddle or the Two Year Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure class. It will be included as part of the Annual ApPHA futurities. Horses by eligible mares must be entered and paid in full in the appropriate class. The Mare Incentive Fund purse will be paid accordingly to the highest advancing horses.

    All breeders, owners, and exhibitors must be ApPHA members at the time of showing in oder to collect any winnings.


  • The total purse in each division will be divided as follows:

    30% total purse(collected to date) Awarded to Yearlings in:
    ApHC Open Yearling Longeline
    70% of Total Purse Awarded to eligible 2 Year Olds in:
    ApPHA Open 2 Yr. Old Western Pleasure Futurity
    ApPHA Open 3 & Under Hunter Under Saddle Maturity

    Purse Distribution
    60% to the Breeder
    40% to the Owner

    The total purse consists of all monies paid in to date minus 25% for office charge. The number of paying places will be determined by the number of paid-in entries.


  • In case of death of horse, entry monies are not refundable. Substitutions are not allowed.

    NO refunds or substitutions for any reason.

Change of Ownership

  • Any horse entered may change ownership and retain eligibility under the new owner if:
    - the registration papers have been transferred with the ApHC
    - the new owner is listed on the back of papers; and
    - the new owner makes all payments on schedule


  • After careful consideration of the information provided on this web page, you will become aware of the channels of advantages that are open to you by participating in this ongoing program.

    By nominating your mare, the ApPHA offers a substantial return on your money... for such a SMALL investment.

Mare Incentive Fund Forms

  • Download and print the applicable forms on the left side of the page.