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These breedings can be bought at 50% of their advertised stud fee plus membership to the Appaloosa Pleasure Horse Association. Monies collected will be added to the Six (6) ApPHA Futurities and Maturities held at the Appaloosa Championship World Show. This auction will open the first Saturday of the World Show, taking bids starting at 50% of the advertised stud fee. Names will not be used in bidding, but numbers will be assigned to interested parties . Bidding will close on Friday morning, at 10 AM the day before the end of the show. Winning bids will be posted at the ApPHA booth on Saturday the last day of the show.

After the bids are posted, it will be first come first served on the remaining Stallions.

To purchase a Stallion Service, please contact:
ApPHA Office Manager at

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